Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DIY Paracord 'Survival' belt

Things have been hectic with the holiday season quickly approaching, so just a quick post to showcase a paracord belt I made as a gift for an avid canoe tripper that I know.

The belt is 45" long using a double wide cobra stitch braid. The belt buckle I found at a local discount store near my office.

I started the braid by tying 3 larks head knots around the base of the buckle.  One white cord, one orange cord, and another white cord.  By alternating the square knots, you're able to make a solid double wide cobra stitch.  I tension the belt by hanging it by the buckle on a hook behind a door and began tying.

The whole process was completed over a number of months (working on and off). It's very laborious at first, with the length of cordage needed to make the belt, but as time passes the work moves quicker since the ends become shorter and shorter.

More information about tying the knots that I used can be found here: Wide Paracord Bracelet


  1. you have inspired me haha im making one

  2. Good luck! Check back here with shots of your completed project. Don't feel discouraged if you think it's taking a long time to make one, this belt in my post actually took me about 3 months to complete, working on it on and off.

  3. How did you learn how to do this type of weaving, i cant seem to find it anywhere?

  4. It's a double wide cobra stitch. Basically the same knotting braid used on survival bracelets, but using 4 strands instead of 2.

    Found the concept here:

  5. I'm very interested in making one. Would you mind if I used this at a later date a suggestion for a survival preparedness item. I Think I will use OD and tan though rather than white and orange :)

  6. Sure thing! I wouldn't mind a mention or a link back if you use it though.

    Neutrals and woodland colours are also my favorite, but I made this for a more of a hi-vis kinda person.

  7. I would definitely link you when I use it. :) I think that orange is bright enough to use as a signal all by itself!

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