Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Leather Sheaths for 2 Old Hickory Butcher Knives

Recently I found 2 Old Hickory carbon steel knives at my grandparents old house in the cellar. They were beat up so badly that the edges didn't exist and were also covered in surface rust.

After I cleaned them up and re-profiled the edge, I decided that it wasn't safe to have them around without sheaths, so I made some with leftover leather I had from making the sheath for the Pathfinder Knife.

The style is a traditional knife sheath, with no belt loop. These are not meant to be on my person like a bushcraft knife, but rather to stay at camp for food prep. I finished the sheath with a beeswax mixture I prepared and am very pleased with how it darkened the leather (plus it adds protection to the leather itself from wear and moisture damage).

I'm finding this basic leatherwork more and more rewarding, and can see how easy it is to get addicted to this. I'm limited by what I can produce by my lack of experience and basic tools, but it's nice to see a sheath come to life in a matter of hours.

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