Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My updated urban EDC

Since the first post on my EDC, what I carry has gone through a number of revisions. Part of building kits and being prepared is trying out new options and seeing what works for you as a system. Naturally this means certain things will remain, while others will be replaced or swapped out with more effective items.

Below is what can be found in my pockets, or on my person at any given time when in a normal urban environment, and I'll provide some justification as to why I've chosen them over my last set.

Pictured: My Every Day Carry (EDC)

  1. Wire cable keyring
    This is a simple replacement to a standard keyring. Allows for more items to be added, or (as in my case) allows the items you already have to not bunch into an uncomfortable bundle in your pocket.

  2. Leatherman Micra
    Replaced the Gerber Paraframe Mini with a Leatherman Micra. The Gerber wasn't seeing much use and Micra's small blade is enough for the type of jobs it saw to justify the switch.
    With the Micra I get:
    - Scissors

    - Blade

    - Bottle opener
    - Eyeglass screw driver
    - Tweezers
    - Phillips screw driver

    - Standard screwdriver

    - Nail file
    - 11cm ruler

  3. MiniMatch Firestriker
    This replaced the peanut lighter as the fire device. My rationale for this is that in an urban environment, if there is a need for immediate fire I am never too far away from a convenience store where I can pick up a small bic or a pack of matches. If I am in an emergency and need a sustainable fire, then I would be willing to put the effort into building a pile of magnesium shavings and preparing tinder.

    The peanut lighter has drawback in that it has a tendency to allow the fuel to evaporate away if not used. I'm not a smoker and so I wouldn't use the lighter enough to justify constantly filling it only to let the fuel disappear into the ether, so the MiniMatch is a better fit for me.

  4. MicroSD flash card + USB reader
    As this is an urban kit, it makes sense to carry some means of transferring data between computers. A USB flash drive is the most obvious but I found that most were too bulky to carry in my pocket everyday. My solution to this was to use a pocket MicroSD reader and MicroSD card. This actually turned out to be more cost effective than buying a flash drive, and the upside is that I can switch out the SD card anytime in order to upgrade capacity.

    I covered the end with orange electrical tape because this particular reader has it's USB contacts exposed and I don't want to damage them with pocket wear.

  5. LED keychain light
    This version replaced the run of the mill keychain light I had before, due to the feature that allows for a simple push on/push off functionality. Not a huge difference from holding down the button for use, but the convenience is nice.

  6. Whistle
    Chose this whistle because of the simple design, low profile and resiliency in my pocket. It's nice and loud, and works great as a signaling device or just getting people's attention.

  7. Swiss-Tech Utili-key
    I decided to hang on to this tool because of how convienient it is to carry. It adds redundancy to my kit, in case the Micra is damaged or lost, and strikes a pretty good spark on the MiniMatch. With it I have a
    - serrated blade
    - flat screwdriver
    - phillips screwdriver
    - eyeglass screwdriver
    - bottle opener

  8. Paracord Bracelet
    I've covered why it's important to have a way over carrying emergency cordage before.

  9. Smart Phone
    I've finally traded up my old cellphone for a smart phone. This decision was a long time coming, and I'm very glad that I made the switch. This device allows access to a whole host of features above and beyond the typical cellphone, including access to e-mail, web browsing and GPS; the importance of which SHOULD NOT be overlooked when in an urban environment.

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