Monday, May 3, 2010

Emergency Preparedness week 2010

It's Emergency Preparedness week in Canada from May 2nd - May 8th, and I thought I would just make a quick post with some links to resources.

I have spoken briefly on this topic once before, but the scope was fairly limited. Something as important and overlooked as this should be address again, and in more detail. Over the week I'll be posting some kit ideas that everyone should have prepared for a few basic such as

Hopefully it will be enough to start some of you out on building your first few kits to prepare against an emergency. A few official links to Emergency Management can be found at:
Emergency Management Ontario
Town of Markham Emergency Preparedness


  1. I hope your scenarios cover zombies.
    And do your kits include FRIENDSHIP BRACLETS? :D

  2. Here's your zombie fix:

  3. Yes, great kit, I think i'm gonna pack a whistle into my backpack just in case....