Thursday, May 6, 2010

At Work Preparedness Kit

Another installment of kit examples in honour of Emergency Preparedness Week. This time around, what to keep at work in the event there is an emergency.

A Heavy Duty Backpack/Duffle Bag
A bag to hold your items and durable enough to not fail on you in an emergency.

Cell phone
Your line of communication to the outside world.  Place calls to loved ones and emergency services or even e-mail them.  With a smart phone you can even post messages to social media sites like Twitter or Facebook to get in touch with people.

Depending on the scale of the emergency you may need a source of information.Opt for a hand crank powered unit as you don't want to be relying on batteries, which can run out.

A light source is invaluable if lighting fails and you find yourself in the dark.  Once again, opt for hand crack powered unit.

Bottled water or a method to purify water sources
No brainer, dehydration scrambles judgment and can kill. If a water source fails, you may find yourself in a situation where you have no running water from taps, so bottled water might be a better choice.

Extra Clothing
A change of clothes if your clothes become soiled or are too uncomfortable to move around freely.  Also useful for adding layers for warmth.

First aid kit
Most places of work are required to keep a large kit on hand, but it would be irresponsible to rely on it as a sole source of first aid.  Carry some basic bandages and medications (asprin/allergy/digestive system upset).

Bic lighter (and candles)
For light / heat in a power outage.

Use small denominations and carry coins for pay telephones or vending machines that might still work.

Can opener
An army p-51 is very lightweight and simple to use.

Hygene items
Toothbrush, FLOSS (the unwaxed kind doubles as strong cordage!), toilet paper, hand sanitizer.

To use as an audible signal, in the event that rescue workers are searching for you.

Books/travel games/cards
To pass the time.

...and most importantly a PLAN.
  • Formulate how and where you will meet up with loved ones if you can't contact them. 
  • Formulate your escape plan

Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time.  If you're not prepared to deal with the situation and are relying on someone else to bail you out, you're putting your life in jeopardy.  It's far better to have these items ready and with you, and never need them than to wish you had them in the event you did.

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