Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 27 Hike

Went for a small hike today. Only lasted an hour, but was nice to be outside. I managed to take a few interesting pictures, so here they are...

The first Trilliums of the season. Official flower of the province of Ontario.

Horseshoe fungus. The "false" tinder fungus. Can be prepared into a material called "Amadou" that takes a spark from flint and steel kit.

How could I resist the chance to make a debris shelter?

...of course it's not exactly complete, but not bad for 20 mins of work.

If I DID want to stay here for a night or so, I would've needed to spend another 2-3 hours just piling wood and leaves on top and sealing up the holes where I could get a draft.

A tiny Maple tree forest.

Bad picture of a Crampball fungus, also known as "King Alfred's Cake" fungus or the "true" tinder fungus. This stuff takes a spark and will glow like a piece of charcoal.

Close up. Notice the concentric rings on the inside of the fungus.


  1. dude, the next time we go camping, you so should teach me some of this stuff. no more just sitting around watching Taco's i-porn.

  2. sure. no one usually pays any interest in this sort of thing, so I rarely bring it up.

  3. Time to buy a DSLR!