Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today was an eventful day. I expected to go to the show and check out some deals on a few pieces of gear and grab some information regarding getting my hunting license. In fact I came away with so much more.

By pure chance, my girlfriend was looking at some firesteels and a survival school instructor asked her if she knew how to use them. After a minute or so of talking to him, she ran to get me as she knew I would appreciate the chance to talk to him too. Turns out, he was the owner of the survival school and we got to talking bushcraft right away. Turns out he's bringing Mors Kochanski to teach at his school. Mors is the author of my bushcraft book... who over 20 years ago was the one who popularized the term "Northern Bushcraft".

The fact that he is a wealth of knowledge and is officially retired from teaching makes this a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn skills from a very experienced teacher. One that I definitely do not want to miss.

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