Friday, January 29, 2010

The Pathfinder Bushcraft Knife

**Update** Check out the leather sheath I made for this knife HERE

What can I say about this knife? For those who are not familiar with it, the Pathfinder Bushcraft Knife was developed for Dave Canterbury by the Ohio based Blind Horse Knives. Picking up the knife there are subtle cues everywhere that scream quality. The fit and finish on this knife are beautiful, and it is a joy to hold and admire.

A few stats about it...

* 1095 Carbon steel, full tang with green micarta handles.

* Total length of the knife is 10".

* Blade length is 5 1/2" total, with 5" of cutting surface (length from the tip to the choil).

* Blade thickness is 3/16".

* Scandi ground edge.

* Pathfinder logo stamped on one side of the blade, BHK logo on the other.

My initial impression of the knife is that it will be more than adequate for the type of tasks I use at camp. The length of the blade is long enough that I can do some decent baton work with it if I had to, and the scandi edge is superior for carving work. Because of the grind I'm a little weary of using this knife to baton with, because the nature of a scandi grind leaves very little material behind to support the edge. This may be counteracted with the temper of the steel, so I'll have to wait until I field test it before I form an opinion. The knife might be useful for light chopping work, but only with he addition of a lanyard to wrap around my wrist so that I can lower my grip further down the handle. Other things that I have noticed so far...

* Balance of the knife lies on the first pin of the handle. This makes the knife slightly handle heavy, but is not too much of a problem. In fact this might be useful if you wanted to choke up on the end of the handle to do some light chopping.

* This has been a source of controversy for a lot of people who have been waiting for this knife to come out, but the Thumb jimping on the spine of the blade really is not all that bad to be honest. I personally do not care for it, as it can tear up our finger, but I hold my knife in a strong fist grip so it doesn't get in my way.  I do find it has a tendency to get caught with dirt/wood particles and needs to be cleaned out periodically.

* Throws sparks with minimal effort from the back of the spine on both my LMF Army model and the Misch Metal type that I bought from

I have not field tested this knife yet as I only received it yesterday, but I plan on taking it out the first chance I get. I don't push my knives as some people like to do, but I do use them hard for normal tasks.

I'd like to thank someone very special to me for this knife, as it was a gift from them. I promise to make good use of it.

Firesteel not included with the PF Knife

**this was based on my own personal opinion, nothing more.


  1. Good review. Looks like a nice knife.

  2. Thanks Tim!
    I managed to take it out last Saturday and play with it for a while. Stood up to batoning and made feathersticks like nobody's business. I'm very happy with the knife.

  3. The knife looks great but the price is what stops me.

  4. I agree completely.

    I like the knife a lot, but if I had to pay the current price instead of the introductory price, I'd pass on it.

  5. I love this knife, and was thinking to buy it until I saw the price. Too bad it seems to be a very nice bushcrafter