Saturday, January 9, 2010

Leather backing for ESEE 4 kydex sheath

My main knife is the ESEE 4 and it came to me with a kydex sheath. My biggest complaint about this was that it rode too high on my hip, and so was uncomfortable and a bit awkward when drawing the knife. To remedy this, I grabbed some scrap leather I had lying around and made a backing to drop down the kydex 3-4 inches.

The feel is a lot better now, but the leather wasn't the best quality for the job and is very soft. I made end up hot waxing it to add some rigidity to the leather, and possibly add a firesteel loop to it as well.


  1. lazy bum, write more thought-provoking details in your blogs plz. your post reads like an engineering workbook (those ones that we had to use to log our project meetings/tests/methods/etc for design projects, in Loo).

  2. It'd be nice if you showed the knife too. I don't how that it even looks like.

  3. Look for a post in the near future regarding the pictures of the knife. I'll try to accommodate as well as try my best to make it interesting.