Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pathfinder Challenge Day 1

Yesterday was the start of the Pathfinder contest to on Facebook. Since the deadline has passed for the first challenge, I will post my response to it here.

Challenge: Choose 3 peices of kit to take into the wilderness to cover all 6 of the basic needs.

My Answer:
1) Multi-tool
2) Ferro-rod
3) large roll high-visibility duct tape

1) Shelter
- saw can be used to harvest saplings to make a lean-to, A-frame or debris hut
- knife can be used to strip cedar bows from the saplings to make bedding to insulate the ground and cover the shelter
Duct tape
- can be used to bind the structure together

2) Fire
Ferro-Rod + multi-tool
- used to strike sparks into dry tinder
Duct tape
- can be torn into long strips to make cord for a bow drill to make friction fire

3) Water
Multitool + ferro rod
- Container can be burned out using the fire created above in conjunction with the multitool, and purified using rock boiling techniques
Duct Tape
- water carrying vessel can be made from duct tape once it has been purified

4) Food
Duct Tape
- cord can be made from duct tape by ripping long strips and twisting it on itself -> used to make snares, paiute deadfall
- bundle bow can be made from duct taping smaller sticks together, and strung using duct-tape cordage (see above)
- basket container can be made from duct tape to collect nuts, berries, wild edibles
- figure 4 deadfall can be made using the saw and knife
- can be lashed to a stick with duct tape to make a spear for fishing or hunting
- knife on multitool can be used to skin and process game animals

5) Signal/navigation
Ferro rod + multi-tool
- Smoke signal fire can be made
High Vis Duct tape
- High visibility markers can be made around camp in case rescuers arrive
- Strips of duct tape can be joined together to create a large orange signal to be spotted from the air

- navigation during the day using general direction given by sun compass
- navigation at night using north star, though travel would most likely be halted until day break

6) Self aid
Duct Tape
- can be used in conjunction with cotton t-shirt to stop bleed
- can be used to slow blood flow above and below a snake bite
- can be used in conjunction with a green stick to be used as a splint in case of broken bones or sprains
- knife can be used to remove splinters

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